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                Mental Health Counselor
                    Somatic Specialist


I am a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in nutrition and life coaching for optimal health! This is completed through diet recommendations, herbal remedy suggestions and lifestyle considerations. I use iridology as well as reflexology in my practice as an adjunct to traditional counseling. I have also developed a movement program - Movementalk- tailored specifically for children. 

I believe the mind-body relationship is vital to our mental and physical vitality, as well as our inherent connection with the earth and each other.

I will work with you, you and your partner, your child/ren, or the family as a whole. Health programs are tailored to individual and family needs and goals. Allow me to assist you on the journey to health!



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 .. can help with


Many of us store our emotions in our gut, our na'au, which can cause digestion dysfunction.


Keeping our negative emotions inside can wear us down and cause chronic tiredness.


Toxins come in many forms; thoughts, feelings and emotions. Release them and become how nature intended.

'Ohana Health

If even one person in the family is not functioning at their best, it can negatively affect the home atmosphere. Don't point fingers, but uncover and heal the cause! 

Weight Loss

Improper nutrition can be a crutch and negatively influence our mood. Food is medicine. Let us use it wisely. 


Stress! It affects our whole self; body, mind and spirit. Heal the causes and find peace.


Services Offered

Counseling Sessions based on the belief that mind, body, and spirit are inseparable and interconnected- changes in the body reflect changes in the mind and vice versa. Spiritual counseling is also available. 

I further utilize movement and somatic therapy when necessary for the healing process. Sometimes people are stuck and not motivated to take that next step for their health. Movement therapy provides assistance with fostering an "ikaikaMind [strong mind]" to continue the journey. 

Movementalk was developed specifically for children, but can also be used with adults who are open to a new approach. 

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